Monday, June 5, 2017

school's out for summer

Both kids had their last day of school a few weeks ago. J2's was pretty anti-climatic considering I didn't even send him to school on the last day since I had no one to drive him there. Poor kiddo. His teacher stopped by with an end of the year gift, which was an adorable photo album filled with pictures of him throughout the year. Kid is such a goofball.

J1 on the other hand had several weeks of events leading up to her kinder promotion. First, there was the tea party, where she proceeded to continue eating despite my warnings and subsequently barfed and had to be taken home for the day. That's my girl. She's serious about her food.

Next she starred in the kinder musical, Stone Soup, complete with "solo." Need to remind her to not quit her day job ... Amazon to the rescue when the school sends home a note saying you need a peasant costume.

the three musketeers
There was also Dads & Doughnuts day. Where I guess either she did a better job at listening when Gus told her to stop eating, or Gus did a better job of preventing her from gorging herself, because we managed to escape with no barfing incidents.

Then she had to get a tube put in her ear---missing a day of school and a week of swim practice.

And finally, the kindergarten promotion where her teacher bestowed on her the Christian Conduct Award. She's a good kid. A really good kid. She's also an emotional kid. Her little eyes welled up with tears at the ceremony. And that night when she was going to bed she cried because she was going to miss her teachers so much.

career aspirations, shooting for the stars

And then it was summer vacation ...

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