Tuesday, June 13, 2017

and sometimes we have fun without kids

I adore my little munchkins like nothing else, but I won't lie, the constant wall of sound that emanates from them in the form of talking, whining, fighting, etc. at times closes in on me making me feel claustrophobic. Then I just need to get out and do something adult-ish, and I don't mean going to work or doing something responsible. Thankfully, I have managed to fit in plenty of adult fun over the past month or so.

It started with my dear friend, Lisa's, Kentucky Derby party at Golden Gate fields. We went all out with silly hats and all. The weather was gorgeous, and the champagne plentiful. The foundation for a good day.

Then there was a good old fashioned girls night out. Let's be honest, I was home by 8:30 p.m. But it (and I) was certainly fun while it (and I) lasted.

And don't you worry your pretty little heads, we don't always leave Gus home with the little Chunglunds. We had (as Carol would say) a top day at the Saint John's for Real Change charity polo match. Thanks to Carol (she's kind of a big deal), we rolled VIP style and tried our best to keep it classy. I mean, Gus was wearing white pants after all.

Gus and I also got in 9 holes and attended the Sacramento Tree Hero awards. Free sangria at the latter. Can't argue with that.

Don't let all this fancy adult stuff fool you---it is but a brief respite and then we're right back to our regularly scheduled potty training, refereeing, carting kids to activities, opening juice boxes, getting snacks, etc. But it was a fun month ...

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