Saturday, October 29, 2011

eye of the tiger

Little Miss J has an an October full of Halloween fun. There was the Mommy/Baby Halloween bash, some trick or treating (sort of) at the YMCA, a family Halloween party put on by the City, and she even wore her costume to play group this week. Little Miss J was born in the year of the tiger so we thought her costume was fitting.

Much like the pumpkin patch, all this Halloween fun has been more for Mommy than for Little Miss J. For the actual holiday, I think we'll just stay home and hand out candy. Not gonna lie, I was hoping Little Miss J would score some candy for her mom ...  maybe next year. Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i have the measles and the mumps, a gash, a rash, and purple bumps

It's been a heck of a week at the Chunglund household, but we are on the mend. Little Miss J wasn't feeling well last week. On Thursday I stayed home from work to take her to the doctor. It turned out that she had hand food and mouth disease and there wasn't much to do except try to keep her comfortable. Her little throat was so red and had little blisters. Damn daycare! I felt so badly for her.

Friday she had perked up a bit so we went to the park and then dressed up in her insanely cute Halloween costume to do a little trick or treating at a YMCA event with some of our mom and baby friends. Saturday she lasted all of 15 minutes at library storytime and wasn't very playful at her play group. Sunday we had our holiday photo session in the a.m. Little Miss J did OK, but she wasn't her usual smiley self. Be prepared for the serious faces on the Chunglund holiday card this year. We then laid low the rest of Sunday.

By Sunday, my throat was so sore that I couldn't eat or drink. I hadn't slept well for the past two nights because my throat had been so sore. I went to urgent care on Monday to find out that I had strep. After a shot of antibiotics and another shot of steroids, I can finally swallow and am starting to feel like a million bucks. BTW, those shots freakin' hurt. I had no idea. I couldn't walk for a good hour after I had them. Good thing Mr. Chunglund was there to drive me!

Little Miss J went back to daycare (a new one) on Monday and I will be back at the office tomorrow. So things are looking up for this coming weekend!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it's the great pumpkin

We took Little Miss J to a nearby pumpkin farm. It wasn't as "rural" as one could have hoped for, but it was definitely better than the temporary tent set up on an empty corner lot at the intersection of two major streets, which advertised itself as a pumpkin patch. At least this place had some dried cornstalks and a hay ride - a hayride that went past some commercial property, a major road, and a housing subdivision, but I don't think Little Miss J minded too much.

She was pretty nonplussed by the hayride

Let's go find a pumpkin, Dad!

Which one do I want?

Maybe this one?

Nope, I want this one!

Oink oink. Mooo. Bye bye weird farm on the side of the major arterial street.

Perhaps next year, we'll have to do a little bit better pumpkin patch research. As Mr. Chunglund said, this was really a trip for Mommy.

happy birthday carl rove!

Carl turned 2 years old a few days ago. There's been a bit of sibling rivalry between him and Little Miss J, so I wanted to do something special for him. He went to day camp and got a bath on Friday and then Sunday I got him an "indestructible" toy that he destroyed in the first 6 minutes and baked him a special birthday cake, peanut butter and carrot with cottage cheese frosting. We all sang to him and cut him a slice.

Carl, you really are the nicest dog. You have a lot of energy, which sometimes makes it difficult. Managing you and Little Miss J is always a bit of a challenge because when I arrive home with her - she's typically a little cranky after a long day and you are chomping at the bit to go outside. Let's just say our homecoming is a little chaotic. But you are the sweetest dog in the world and are just so happy to sit with your head in my lap in the evenings after Little Miss J has gone to sleep. Happy Happy Birthday Carleton Rover!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you've been following the saga, you know that Carl has been acting up lately. I can only think it is a response to severe lack of attention since Little Miss J came along coupled with the lack of exercise resulting from living in an apartment. I've been trying to get him to day camp at least twice per week to let off some steam, but this week has been particularly hard due to work.

A few weeks ago, Carl chewed up some of Little Miss J's stuffed toys. I started putting the toys in her room and shutting the door while I was at work. Unfortunately, I left out a basket of books and the next day he went on a book feeding frenzy. This past week, he actually opened the door Little Miss J's room and chewed up some more toys. The piece de resistance? He also crapped all over the carpet.

I know he is acting out for attention so I feel badly, but I really wish he could cut me a little bit more slack. Needless to say, he's been kenneled at home for the past couple days. Poor pup.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

happy birthday dear baby j

Dear Baby J,
Happy happy birthday sweet little girl! I cannot believe you are already 1! This past year has been THE hardest and the most transformative year of my life. I never understood the love between a parent and a child, until I did. You are the most wonderful daughter that any mom could ask for and I am so blessed that you are mine. We have now been a family for one whole year!

One year ago today, your Dad and I were in the hospital. I was so scared and excited. I remembered hugging your Dad and telling him, we're going to have a baby today. I couldn't wait to see you! And when I finally did, you.were.perfect. Not gonna lie, the first several weeks and months were hard. I often felt guilty because despite how much I loved you, I was just so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't embrace middle of the night feedings and I wasn't the mom who bounced right back, ready and eager to meet your every need. It took me awhile to adjust and to heal and to overcome the sheer exhaustion and physical trauma that was your birth.

These days we've pretty much got it down though haven't we? Even after the longest day of work, I am so excited to see you. When you hear my voice as I walk into the door to the daycare, you turn your head and your face lights up into the best little smile. You used to crawl straight toward me, but now you stand up and walk! I look forward to giving you a hug and taking you home every day. With your Dad's new job, for the most, it's just you and me in the evenings. We do dinner, bath time, and bedtime every night - just mommy and baby. It's our special time together and I love it.

You're sleeping now after a big day at the zoo, presents, and cake. I hope you are having sweet dreams and that you know how many people love you!

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much and we wish you many more happy happy birthdays!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

look ma!

Dear Mom,
Tomorrow will mark 10 years since you've been gone. I miss you. We all do. I know I say this every year, but it is still true. Baby J will be one year old on the same day. I'm so sorry you haven't met her. She is wonderful. I hope that I am half the mom to her that you were to me. And if I am, then it is because of you.

One of my favorite memories of you is how special you made each and every birthday. I loved walking into the house after school with my friends. You would always decorate the house and you always did such a good job with my birthday cake. I remember some of the early parties where if I was going to invite one boy than I was required to invite two. This was obviously a good rule since clearly Kirky and Kyle are having a good time.

So as I began thinking about Baby J's first birthday, I knew that I had some big shoes to fill when it came to birthday parties. And while I won't be quitting my day job, I think this is a birthday cake that you'll be proud of.

It's not winning any awards, but it has clearly been made with love.

Mom, you continue to inspire me every day. I love you. Please continue to watch over Baby J as she grows up. I will always remind her what a special angel she has watching over her from heaven and we will continue the tradition of excellent birthday parties!