Thursday, June 20, 2013

24 weeks

Dear Baby Wang II,
You are 24 weeks today, and one hella active fetus. We've slowed down on the Mike & Ikes, which is probably a good thing. I took you to spin class at the gym and you either really liked it or really hated it because you were kicking up a storm in there afterward. We're going again today, so get ready!

Your big sister has been loving on you (aka my tummy) quite a bit lately. She talks to you through my belly button. I bet you can hear her little voice telling you how much she loves you. She hugs and kisses my tummy and says that she is hugging and kissing you. I sincerely hope for both your sake and mine that she loves you just as much (or more) when you are on the outside. I wonder if she's actually made the connection that there is truly a baby growing in there or if she is just going to be freaking amazed that we bring you home from the hospital and wonder where you came from.

The three things that have been getting me through these last couple weeks include - comfy new TOMS wedges, decaf K-cups, and being able to go to the gym at lunch. In fact, I'm actually in a pretty balanced mood these days and will spare you the ranting and raving of how much I dislike pregnancy. I mean, I'm more than halfway to never being pregnant again! EVER.

Oh, and if you could do me a favor and stay in there until after I have Little Miss J's 3rd b-day party, that would be great. You two will have plenty of shared birthdays in years to come, don't you worry!

your "decaffeinated" umma


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

wordless wednesday




Tuesday, June 18, 2013

happy father's day!

For Father's Day, I did one of those questionnaires for Gus from Little Miss J. There was some obvious coaching involved. She's two years old, after all. Here are her answers:

All About My Dad

My Dad is 6 years old (false)

My Dad's favorite food is spicy (true)

For fun, my Dad likes to play with puzzles (true)

My Dad's favorite color is pink just like Juliet (false)

My Dad always says, yes (false)

My Dad is best at playing dancing (true)

My Dad's job is I don't know (true)

My Dad really loves gymnastics (false)

I love my Dad because I love Appah (true)

My Dad laughs when I say knock knock (true)

By: Little Miss J Age: 2

She was dead on for 6 out of 10. Way ahead of the curve, in my opinion. Plus, Gus really liked it.

After letting Gus sleep in a bit, we headed to Napa for some shopping and lunch with our good friends, Laura and Michael, who were visiting from St. Paul. While shopping, Little Miss J managed to trick her Appah into buying her a dress by taking him in the dressing room to try it on and then refusing to take it off. In her defense, it was a super cute dress and even some woman at lunch approached us and asked where we got it because it was so cute. After we walked around downtown Napa for a bit we headed back to Sacramento, where I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. Little Miss J also said, "Happy Father's Day" to her Papa Roger and he seemed to think that was pretty great.

Hope all the guys in my life had a wonderful Father's Day with their families!

best friends

Monday, June 10, 2013

beat the heat

This past weekend was a scorcher, over 100 degrees both Friday and Saturday. We managed to keep cool by hanging out in friends' pools. We fed our neighbors' dog while they were gone for the weekend and they generously let us use their pool. Friday night Little Miss J and I sent Gus solo for the regular Chunglund Costco tour and we hit the pool. We alternated between floating around and playing on the swingset. Thankfully, when all was said and done all she wanted was carrots, broccoli and toast for dinner, and I didn't really have to cook.

Saturday, Little Miss J spent the day with Auntie Rachael and Uncle Randy in their pool. Gus and I were going to try to catch a movie, but it ended up being sold out so we instead had some impromptu tacos at one of our favorite places and then walked around the mall holding hands just like the pre-kid days. When we went to pick Little Miss J up, it was still so hot that we both jumped in the pool with Rachael and Randy and floated around for another hour or so. We left feeling nice and refreshed, if not a little tired out. Little Miss J was asking to go to bed by the unprecedented time of 7:00 p.m. Of course it took her about 1.5 hours to actually fall asleep complete with a bed swap from her bed to ours.

Sunday turned out to be a much cooler day. Gus got his Father's Day present early, a compound mitre saw, so he can start working on his honey-do list, which includes some outdoor seating. He spent like 4 hours at Home Depot getting supplies so Little Miss J and I went on a big girl shopping trip to Target to get her flip flops like Umma and Appah, then played outside in the yard for a bit until she wet her pants despite the fact that I brought the potty chair outside for her. It's all fun and games until someone pees their pants.

silly girl

happy puppy with his rawhide


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

parks and pools

As the weeks tick by, the realization that our party of three is about to have another guest sinks in a little bit further. I enjoy all our adventures with the precocious Little Miss J. Gus made the point that she's a pretty lucky girl. She, unlike her little brother, has had our undivided rapt attention for the past 2+ years. Something Baby Wang Chung II won't experience, until perhaps Little Miss J goes off to college, at which point he will probably won't want our undivided attention anyhow. Knowing the end of her single days is near, I've been relishing my time with my little munchkin trying to find fun stuff for her to do.

Saturday we went to pops in the park and spent time with some co-workers and our neighbors. Things we learned -

1) This is a well attended event. We thought we'd drive rather than walk the 7 blocks since hauling all our stuff seemed like a drag. Ended up parking at least 5 blocks away anyhow.

2) The almost-potty trained Little Miss J was not about the port-a-potty. Can't really blame her, can you? It was about one million degrees in there and when we walked in she said, "What's that?" She wouldn't even let me put her on it. I ended up surrendering and putting her in a pull-up.

3) There are some folks that take this picnic in the park to a whole new level. There were some fancy spreads of food. I walked by one table and heard about the homemade empanadas and canapes. Our sandwiches and coleslaw paled in comparison.

4) As much as Little Miss J seems to like carrots and tomatoes, they've got nothing on Cheetos.

But it was a really nice, rather hot evening. Little Miss J insisted on wearing her giant pink tutu under her dress and running up and down the hill waving magic wands (aka sticks). She was one tired pumpkin when we got home.

Sunday we went to the pool. After two hours of running back and forth between the spray pad and the pool, Little Miss J was ready to head home. It may have been the first time in the history of ever that she has left the pool without crying.

Summer is here!