Friday, June 16, 2017

poop on the potty, get a rescue boat

This kid. Ever since J2 had a play date with his buddy, Charlie, he has been asking about a rescue boat. He really wants a rescue boat. Now in the throes of potty training where I just need to be assured that he is capable of crapping somewhere other than his pants, we have told him he can have a rescue boat if he poops on the potty.

Just the other morning he finally did the deed, while I was cheering him on from the sidelines telling him I would buy him WHATEVER he wanted if he just pooped in the toilet, he finally did it. I thought we had miraculously turned some corner, until shortly thereafter he peed on the floor and filled his pants. Sigh. So for the remainder of the day, we had several discussions about how if he wants said rescue boat, he needs to use the potty. This kid wants this rescue boat so badly that this morning I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel trying to poop on the potty as soon as he woke up. His mantra has become "poop on the potty, get a rescue boat."

The good news? We know he is capable of crapping somewhere other than his pants. The bad news? The other day, that place just happened to be the rug. Double sigh. Thank heavens he's cute.  

**Updated to add that J2 has successfully managed to earn not only his rescue boat, but a motorcycle and an ambulance. Perhaps the corner really was turned ... fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

hidden falls

I'm not saying I love hiking or anything, but we do like staying active and summer seems like the perfect time to get outdoors. Yesterday, after waking early and dealing with only the things a parent neck deep in potty training can understand, I really just wanted to climb back in bed and pull the covers over my head---which admittedly I did until the respectable hour of 8 a.m. Then instead of going to church, we decided to eat some breakfast and hit the trail.

We headed to Hidden Falls, which was new to us. But not new to everyone else because that place was pretty crowded. The ranger mentioned we should try to get there before 8 a.m. next time. WHAT! But that would have ruined my hour of hiding under the covers!

We managed nearly 3 miles of hiking. They both insisted on wearing their own proton packs, I mean water packs. They became known by other hikers as the Ghostbusters.

And as a reward ... there was beer at Crooked Lane in Auburn. Not bad for a Sunday.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

and sometimes we have fun without kids

I adore my little munchkins like nothing else, but I won't lie, the constant wall of sound that emanates from them in the form of talking, whining, fighting, etc. at times closes in on me making me feel claustrophobic. Then I just need to get out and do something adult-ish, and I don't mean going to work or doing something responsible. Thankfully, I have managed to fit in plenty of adult fun over the past month or so.

It started with my dear friend, Lisa's, Kentucky Derby party at Golden Gate fields. We went all out with silly hats and all. The weather was gorgeous, and the champagne plentiful. The foundation for a good day.

Then there was a good old fashioned girls night out. Let's be honest, I was home by 8:30 p.m. But it (and I) was certainly fun while it (and I) lasted.

And don't you worry your pretty little heads, we don't always leave Gus home with the little Chunglunds. We had (as Carol would say) a top day at the Saint John's for Real Change charity polo match. Thanks to Carol (she's kind of a big deal), we rolled VIP style and tried our best to keep it classy. I mean, Gus was wearing white pants after all.

Gus and I also got in 9 holes and attended the Sacramento Tree Hero awards. Free sangria at the latter. Can't argue with that.

Don't let all this fancy adult stuff fool you---it is but a brief respite and then we're right back to our regularly scheduled potty training, refereeing, carting kids to activities, opening juice boxes, getting snacks, etc. But it was a fun month ...

Monday, June 5, 2017

the new normal

Blogging. It's been hard. There have been so many feelings. So many ups. So many downs. But we're cruising into summer with what we hope is a smile in our hearts---hoping to find the new normal.

In the midst of figuring out who is doing what to whom and when, we've been getting back to our weekend warfare of cramming as much as possible into two short days to maintain our sanity during the work week.

Luckily, we got a three-day weekend in for Memorial Day. County fair, hanging out around the house, going swimming, a little golf and grilling with friends. We laughed. We smiled. We were together.

Relaxing at Club Carol

Last weekend we closed out the baseball season ...

 ... and made our way to Tahoe to see family that was on vacation.

Sidenote: J1 has such a strong love of family and is so happy to see cousins who we don't see often. For the past three years, she has asked for a family reunion for her birthday party. Sweet girl. This year though I think she'd rather go to Disneyland.

We are feeling all the #summervibes. We will continue our quest for the new normal and try to squeeze some fun in when we can. It's going to be a good summer. 

school's out for summer

Both kids had their last day of school a few weeks ago. J2's was pretty anti-climatic considering I didn't even send him to school on the last day since I had no one to drive him there. Poor kiddo. His teacher stopped by with an end of the year gift, which was an adorable photo album filled with pictures of him throughout the year. Kid is such a goofball.

J1 on the other hand had several weeks of events leading up to her kinder promotion. First, there was the tea party, where she proceeded to continue eating despite my warnings and subsequently barfed and had to be taken home for the day. That's my girl. She's serious about her food.

Next she starred in the kinder musical, Stone Soup, complete with "solo." Need to remind her to not quit her day job ... Amazon to the rescue when the school sends home a note saying you need a peasant costume.

the three musketeers
There was also Dads & Doughnuts day. Where I guess either she did a better job at listening when Gus told her to stop eating, or Gus did a better job of preventing her from gorging herself, because we managed to escape with no barfing incidents.

Then she had to get a tube put in her ear---missing a day of school and a week of swim practice.

And finally, the kindergarten promotion where her teacher bestowed on her the Christian Conduct Award. She's a good kid. A really good kid. She's also an emotional kid. Her little eyes welled up with tears at the ceremony. And that night when she was going to bed she cried because she was going to miss her teachers so much.

career aspirations, shooting for the stars

And then it was summer vacation ...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017