Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the good, the bad, and the ugly

We'll do this in chronological order -

BAD - The other morning Little Miss J wanted to play Play Doh before going to school. When it was time to get ready, she wasn't completely on board and instead yelled, "NO!" and proceeded to throw Play Doh on the ground. I managed to pick some of it up, but figured the rest would dry up and be easier to get off the rug. I wasn't really even fathoming what was to happen next ...

UGLY - Apparently, Carl Rove decided to clean up the rest of the Play Doh and by "clean up" I mean eat it. Let's just say what happens after Carl Rove eats Play Doh is not pretty - in fact, it's ugly. We came home last night from work at 6:00 p.m. and Carl had literally sh!t everywhere. Like at least 45 times. The whole house smelled like dog poop. Gus spent the next hour cleaning it up, while entertained Little Miss J. I clearly got the better end of that deal.

GOOD - Carl Rove, who appeared to be completely recovered and good as new, Little Miss J, and I got to spend an hour playing in the yard. And because the house smelled so completely awful, we headed out to Opa Opa for some impromtu Greek food. We learned that Little Miss J likes falafel and tabbouleh, and she got some of her favorite "thomas" aka hummus. AND because the weather was so nice (or maybe because the restaurant was full), we dined al fresco on the patio.

So the area rugs were ruined, Carl didn't feel so well during the day, and Gus had to clean up dog
sh!t, but other than that it was a pretty nice family evening.

wordless wednesday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

adventures in potty training

Last week while playing quietly in the living room, Little Miss J must have decided to use the potty chair on her own because all of a sudden I hear the doorbell ring, Carl bark, and Little Miss J scream. As she comes running down the hall with no pants on, I pick her up at which point she proceeds to continue peeing ... on me. Damn door to door salesman with your dry cleaning coupons.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

potty training in much (much) more than three days

OK, let's be honest this is not a how-to potty training method blog post. First, let me say that I call BS on the potty training in one day or even three days for that matter and am glad I never spent any money on a potty training book. I went into the whole potty training ready to dedicate an entire weekend to indoctrination. I read mom blogs. I bought treats. I set a timer. I pumped my child full of juice and salty snacks. I even bought Dora underwear! You know what happened that weekend? I about lost my mind and Little Miss J peed on the floor more than once. I learned that the only sure fire way to prevent accidents was to hold her hostage on the toilet with an iPad. She wasn't learning about going potty, she was being trained to learn that the only way she got to play iPad was to sit on the potty and well, she was OK with that. She could (and did) sit there for hours and watch Diego. She did, however, learn what chinchillas and crocodiles were during that time. So there's that.

After realizing that Little Miss J only wanted to sit on that froggy potty because she wanted to watch Baby Jaguar, you know what we did? We stopped. We stopped asking her if she wanted to go. We stopped putting her on there every hour. We stopped abandoning her in the bathroom with only an iPad for company because literally I didn't have the patience to sit in the bathroom with her for hours. I watched my dollars go literally into the garbage with each little pull-up. You thought diapers were expensive - the pull-up thing takes it to a whole new level.

Finally, Gus and I just decided it was time to go cold turkey. I bought my last pack of pull-ups and we started telling Little Miss J that when she they were all gone that she would have to wear underwear. Well, those pull-ups lasted until last Thursday and when they were all gone, Gus asked her what she was going to do and she said "wear underwear." The next day, we packed up 6 pairs of underwear and 6 pairs of pants and sent her on her way. The first day we had 4 accidents and the second day 2 accidents. This Thursday marks her one week anniversary in underwear and so far we've had two full accident-free days.

Given that Little Miss J has never been a textbook baby/toddler, I'm not sure what possessed me to think that any other parent's potty training method was ever going to work on her. She's her own little person and she will do things on her own schedule. I still bribe her to "try" because sometimes in the throes of insisting that she doesn't have to go she actually pees her pants. But for the most part, I'm feeling pretty confident that progress is being made.

My friends with older children tell me the freedom from the diaper bag is indescribable. At the moment I still carry it around with extra pants and underwear - but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, March 11, 2013

something else

As Little Miss J has gotten older, the whole candy thing has become more difficult especially when there is Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. At Halloween, I let her have one piece after trick or treating and then we managed to hide the rest. Out of sight out of mind. Same thing onValentine's Day. In fact, I just found the rest of her Valentine's Day candy a couple weeks ago and tossed it. Last Saturday, it was her first day of gymnastics class and they gave us a welcome package, which included a pen, some coupons, and a few Hershey kisses. Of course, she wanted to open it right away so we negotiated that if she got in the carseat we would open it for her. Gus managed to remove the pen without her noticing. Then she handed the package to me to open and as I opened it I removed the candy. When I handed it back, I watched her carefully sort through the coupons, which was all that was left in there. After a short moment, she kept saying "something else, something else." I  was caught red handed by the two year-old. So I handed her one of the chocolates and thankfully she forgot about the rest of them. Can't fool this one as easily anymore ... apparently, she wasn't born yesterday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013