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Thursday, May 15, 2014

mother's day recap

Another fantastic Mother's Day and my first with my mother-in-law. Gus packed us a lunch and we headed to Napa for a hike and picnic.

Only this princess would
wear a dress hiking

hiking FAIL

My Mother's Day gift has turned us into smoothie making maniacs. Little Miss J has been asking for "red smoothie" pretty much every day. This little gem spurred our 3 day detox diet, which Gus says he will never do again but I sort of liked it. Day 2 was the hardest but I was pretty impressed with myself that I stuck with it for the full three days. Of course I ate everything in sight today. Oh well.

And the coup d'etat this Mother's Day ... after nearly one year and one almost domestic dispute at Ikea, my handy husband finished the patio furniture!

Mother's Day is quickly surpassing my birthday as my favorite holiday. Thanks to my wonderful family for a great Mother's Day! Little Miss J even asked me just this morning if we could pretend it was Mother's Day again. I'm really OK with that.


Monday, May 12, 2014


My very good friend, Jenn (of Wild Reed Journal fame) and I are similar in many ways, which is why we are so close. We both have backgrounds in planning and our kids are very close in age. We trade baby/kids clothes back and forth and text each other pretty regularly about sick kids, potty training, sleeping/not sleeping, mom stuff, etc. Good thing Gus got us the unlimited texting plan! Her youngest turned one this year and she recently posted here about how her life is changing as it becomes a bit less baby-centric and she starts focusing more on herself.
I related to many (but not all) of the things Jenn describes. Over the past year I've been feeling like I am slowly reclaiming my life. I am no longer a 24-hour baby boob buffet and I have allowed myself to let go of "mom-guilt" and enjoy some time away from my kids. J2 has definitely gotten the shorter end of the stick as a result of said reclamation, as I have left him way more than I ever left Little Miss J. I don't think that Gus and I had a date night until after her first birthday. I feel only a teensy bit nostalgic as my last baby grows up. He is the smiliest little guy and where he is growing up too fast, when Little Miss J was that age I couldn't get her to grow up fast enough and stop screaming her little face off.
In late February, I abandoned my family and headed on a girls trip to NYC. Epic. That is the word for that trip. I had so much fun with friends that for all intents and purposes I have known for my entire life. We ate some delicious food, saw some great shows, did some day drinking and a bit of shopping. We are already plotting a trip for next year ...
I have also joined a book club, which is a huge deal for me because introducing myself to a bunch of strangers would typically not be my idea of a good time. Getting up the courage to go to the first meeting where I didn't know anyone was tough and I almost bailed more than once, but I am so so glad that I did it. I have met some really nice and funny women. So far we've met three times and everytime I find myself laughing to the point of tears. Laughter really is the best medicine.
Finally, I've started to befriend some of the moms from the preschool. We've done one wine and painting night and are trying to schedule regular moms night out. I had a great group of moms in Phoenix, that I still miss terribly, and it has taken me a while to find new friends - but these California girls are great. And even when we can't get together, it's nice to have friends to text to confirm that soccer was unknowingly changed from Tuesday to Monday and that I was not just going crazy.
Of course, I also need to give a shout out to my amazing neighbors. Julie is always there with delicious food and drinks (of which I can finally partake)! Plus Little Miss J loves playing over at their house and is finally at an age where I can just let her play without keeping an eagle eye on her. In fact, she prefers that I leave her, Karly and Joe alone.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love being a mom. Much much more than I ever imagined I would. Between moving across the country and a "high-spirited" (to put it nicely) baby, the first couple years were all consuming. But over the past several months, with the help of my wonderful in-laws, my supportive husband, and some great friends, I have been able to reclaim that little part of me that was there before I had kids - the girl that laughs a little too loudly at inappropriate times, the girl who likes a glass of wine (or two or three), who swears a bit too often, and sings karaoke (albeit not very well). I am feeling much more balanced these days - a little bit mommy and a little bit rock and roll. Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life!

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throwback thursday



Monday, May 5, 2014

lucky number seven

My dearest J2,
Pretty much every monthly letter starts the same - so bear with me. I cannot believe that you are already [fill in the blank - but in this case 7] months old! While I have absolutely zero desire to have another one, I do sort of wish you would stay my snuggly little baby forever. You have the absolutely yummiest little baby face that I cannot stop smooching. You are the happiest little guy that I know, which thankfully helps balance out the emotional hurricane that we all know and love, the one and only Little Miss J.
I love your super little smile, and you now have two little teeth poking through on the bottom.

You like to roll around on the bed, and so we've finally started making you sleep in your own crib. I could swear that thing is cursed because neither you nor your sister has been all that interested in sleeping in it despite the absolutely adorable little crib sheets I have had for both of you. If I let you fall asleep in my bed, you will typically let me move you into the crib and then there's some patting of your back involved before you will actually stay asleep. But trust me, I am not complaining. It's way easier than what I had to go through with your sister which involved an exercise ball and lots of Twinkle Twinkle, among other things.
I used to think there was nothing cuter than little girls and little girl clothes, but you have proven me wrong because really ... how cute is this?

You continue to eat and sleep like a champ. While I am still exhausted, it's not really the soul crushing type of exhaustion I felt with your sister. This is the type of exhaustion that can typically be powered through with the help of some coffee.
You are sitting up pretty well these days and have managed to keep the face planting to a minimum. You've made no real attempt at moving anywhere, with the exception of rolling off the bed. I attribute your lack of mobility to the fact that you get carried around everywhere, like the little prince you are. People are holding you so much you have no real reason to move independently. But I imagine that day is coming in the not so distant future.
There are no words to express the joy you bring each and every day. I love all your yummy baby-ness! I know I am supposed to be teaching you to be an independent sleeper but when you fall asleep on my chest it's so hard to put you down. I could simply stare at your peaceful face for hours.
But time will march on and before we know it we will be toasting your 1st birthday! In typical me fashion, I've already been planning your (and your sister's) birthday(s). Until then though, I will savor each and every snuggle and smile because you, my friend, are the last dinosaur baby. Chunglund babies will become extinct when you grow up. So don't grow up too fast, OK?
You, J2, have my whole heart for my whole life.

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throwback thursday

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