Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Traditionally, it involves intimacy, but c'mon people ... we're not talking about the gross kind! It was Valentine's Day! Ours was neither romantic nor intimate. It was loud, raucous, there were probably some tears in there (because let's be honest, when aren't there?) and PERFECT.

The kids woke up to Valentine's treats on their nightstand

The general rule in our household is "good food before junk food." Little Miss J tried to negotiate jellybeans for breakfast by asserting that she had just had good food for dinner last night and therefore her next feeding should arguably be junk food. Well played, but not going to happen, kiddo.

For my Valentine's Day treat, I wanted to go out for breakfast. The Chunglunds have been thwarted by Bacon & Butter one too many times since it moved to Tahoe Park. We were not to be denied our Valentine's Day breakfast.

We arrived at 7:40, 20 minutes before it opened, and we weren't even the first in line. Thankfully, we were close enough to the front that we knew we would get seated as soon as it opened up. By the time it opened, the line was at least a block long and the entire parking lot was filled with cars.

Once we were seated, we heard the host telling people the wait was going to be 45 minutes. There isn't much I would wait 45 minutes for, and there is even less I will wait for 45 minutes for while with child(ren). 20 minutes, on the other hand, was reasonable ... and TOTALLY WORTH IT. I had the pork hash - which was like carnitas with eggs, potatoes and frisee salad. Gus had the cheese benedict and the kids shared a pancake, some fruit, and ate off of our plates, as well.

V-day smoochies
We also managed the fastest trip to Ikea EVER, thanks to the Ikea iPhone app, which I highly recommend. And a stop at Godiva for the annual Valentine's box. I tell this story just about every year, but for the newcomers or the forgetful - here it is again. When we were first dating (for the second time), Gus pointed out how expensive the box of chocolates he got for me was, but how he felt like he still got the best value (and if any of you know my husband, you know what a big deal "best value" really is to him) since it was refillable. Apparently, he thought those refills were free and was sorely disappointed when they wanted him to shell out another $35 the next year. This has resulted in an annual Godiva tradition for Valentine's Day, which I won't complain about. In fact, I like it and it allows me to share that story year after year ... never gets old.

my valentines
So whatever you did, and with whomever you spent it - I hope your Valentine's Day was as filled with love as mine! xoxo

Thursday, February 5, 2015

happy happy birthday, gus!

After spending three weeks the same age, Gus is once again older than me.

Little Miss J helped me bake and decorate a carrot cake. I committed to holding my tongue and letting her put on as many sprinkles in whatever distribution she saw fit. The fact that she didn't go overboard is probably a testament to my control freakish nature and my constantly telling her to be gentle and not go overboard. This is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes I need to work on just letting my kid be a kid. As you can see, she also helped with candle allocation.

I think my favorite part was that J2 thought the singing and candles were for him. He was clapping with a huge smile on his face and trying to blow out the candles.

Gus's birthday celebration also ended with a specially choreographed dance by our one and only Little Miss J, but if I'm being completely honest, my birthday dance was way better than Gus's. Nevertheless, happiest of birthdays to a most wonderful dad, husband and coworker. We love you so so much!